Technology Hair System Production and Service Questions

Q.I would like to seek consultation services but I am afraid of embarrassment. What should I do?

A: Please be assured and overcome your mental fears as every designer at MoreFunHouse is very experienced and has been through rigorous training to have empathy at our service core values. At MoreFunHouse, we offer professional recommendations without any unnecessary stares, so you can feel peace of mind
Please be assured.

Q.Are there charges for consultation?

A: Here at MoreFunHouse, there will be no charges if no products are bought. There are no additional fees, such as consultation fee, reservation fee or appointment fee here, so you can be assured. On the contrary, we encourage you to understand fully before making a purchase. As every product has its own advantages and disadvantages, please select a product that best fits your needs. In addition, to offer extra convenience, every salon is equipped with credit card services and zero-interest installment plans.

Q.Will I be bothered by sales promoters?

A: You won’t and there is no need to. At the salons, our resident designers will offer free introductions based on your requirements to help you make your decision. But you do not have to worry that our introduction is forcing you to buy our products and there is no traps either. =) If during the course of your consultation session, you felt as if you are being bothered by promotion behaviors, please feel free to call our client service center to correct us.

Q.Why should I make reservations? Can’t I go to the salon directly?

A: Due to the popularity of the Technology Hair System , there is limited staff in the salons, so in order to protect your confidentiality and avoid long waiting, we advise you to call and make reservations to facilitate the arrangement of your consultation. (Each consultation session lasts about one hour.)

Q.How do we protect the confidentiality of customers and famous celebrities?

A:Here at MoreFunHouse, every guest is treated as a VIP, regardless of their purchases. We promise to respect the privacy of every individual regardless of who you are. All designers are bound by confidentiality contracts, aimed to protect the privacy of the customers. All customers are entitled to the use of VIP rooms to ensure your privacy is safe with us from the moment you enter the salon to the moment you leave. Please be assured.

Q.Is the Technology Hair System protected by warranty?

A: We provide one year product warranty to safeguard the service quality for consumers.

Q.Can I really pay after I am satisfied with the Technology Hair System ?

A: Of course! We offer contracts to safeguard your rights. When placing an order, you will be asked to place a deposit of fifty percent and pay the remaining sum when satisfied. If you are not satisfied with the product, the deposit will be refunded to you with no interest.

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