Technology Hair System Product Functions

Q.Will it affect the growth of user’s own hair?

A: Definitely not.
The Technology Hair System is far better than hats in terms of weight and permeability. Hair follicles not attacked by DHT have normal metabolism, which means that if the hair will drop off naturally, it will. If it will not drop off naturally, it will be unaffected. Otherwise, why do many of the homeless people still have so much hair? Do they observe strict diets and habits? On the other hand, even with all the resources at the disposal of the royal family, Prince William is unable to escape the destiny of baldness. So you can rest assured.

Q.Will it be stuffy?

A: Please believe in my years of experience. The permeability (breathability) of the Technology Hair System has far exceeded that of the traditional wigs. Having used in every day, I have never felt stuffy or uncomfortable. The difference is that you will feel slightly cooler for an instance when you take off the hair system before sleeping. The cool sensation is like knowing the difference being clothed and being naked. There was once when I went downstairs to buy newspaper when I discovered the convenience store staff giving me a weird look. I was confused until I caught sight of a mirror reflection and discovered I had come out without my hair system. I dropped the newspaper and dashed home immediately. Since then, I always double-check to ensure my hair system is on my head before going out to avoid a repeat incident. Through this embarrassing event, I wanted to express that the user will really forget about the presence of the Technology Hair System on the head. Of course, even if the weather is hot, wearing the hairpiece will not make it hotter nor make it cooler.

Q.Will the hair system look obvious?

A: Others will not be able to tell the difference. If you are willing to try, you can walk out of the salon and ask others if there is anything wrong with your hair. If others can see through the hair system, this would mean a failure and you can ask the designer to readjust your hairstyle. But I can guarantee you that, the designers here at MoreFunHouse are experienced designers, and the cases where others can see through the hair system are few. The exception would be where your friends or relatives who already know about your thinning hair could see the difference (because you become more handsome). Also, in cases where the user neglects hairpiece management after the designer has trimmed your hairstyle, or even worn the hairpiece in reverse, then it will be harder to not identify the hair system.

Q.Will others discover the truth if I suddenly bid farewell to my baldness?

A: A: If the difference is too great, then it is inevitable that relatives and friends who knew about your condition would discover the truth. Normally, it is better to confess using a hairpiece but there is no need to take it off for a demonstration. In addition, many people choose to order or pick up their hairpiece during long holiday or in between jobs. Due to the limited memory capacity for visual appearances, people will start to forget your original appearance after a few days, and remember your current appearance instead. Another way would be the gradual hair increase approach which is currently popular in Japan. In reality, it means that the user must order 3~4 Technology Hair Systems to increase the hair volume gradually over 3~4 phases, imitating the natural progressive growth of hair.

Q.Must I shave my own hair?

A: This question normally occurs with users that choose the adhesive-based securing method. On one hand, they want the naturalness, convenience, and comfort offered by the adhesive-based model, but they are unwilling to cut their own hair. This situation is like, when a person wants to build a new house but is unwilling to demolish the old one. Hair system users are unwilling to cut their hair because they do not want to appear unattractive when not wearing the hair system. But the harsh reality is, there is no way to appear attractive with a baldness issue. A person with a small bald patch is no more handsome than a person with a big bald patch. Besides, only those you are willing to confide in will be able to see the real you. Even with all the resources of the paparazzi, no one has ever seen the real Jay without makeup? The adhesive-based Technology Hair System is prevalent in Europe and US. The aim of cutting the abnormal hair volume is ensure convenience of the adhering but please do not be mistaken as the cutting process will not damage the hair follicles. Consider the example of dentists filling the neighboring teeth to make dental bridge but you will never take out your dentures for display.

Q.How many hair systems should I have?

A: Normally, I would let the new users decide for themselves. If they are determined to use the Technology Hair System to bid their baldness farewell, and trust in our expertise, then they can consider ordering two hair systems at the same time to reduce the waiting time for ordering. If you are not yet certain or have no confidence, then you are advised to order one first, models that come with pay-when-satisfied guarantees, so you will not have to bear any risks. When you are satisfied with the product, and acknowledge its worth, you can consider ordering your second or even third product. But one thing is certain, if you have acknowledged the value of the Technology Hair System , then you are bound to need two for replacements. This is to ensure you have a substitute when one of the hair systems is sent for maintenance. Also, with two hair systems, it is easier to avoid detection by others. The product life will also become extended. Just like with shoes, most people will not keep only one pair of shoes for wearing.

Q.Does the hair system allow the revealing of hairline?

A: Domo Hair offers a few models that allow users to reveal their hairline. The type of craftsmanship involved is very complicated. If you do not believe, you can try asking at other wig salons on the streets and see which salon can offer wigs that allow slicked back hairstyles and revealing hairlines. Due to differences in production, if traditional wigs are brushed upwards, the fabric edges of the wig will be exposed. Domo Hair Hairline Model utilizes special ergonomic construction designs to offer an authentic looking hairline but the only thing of importance is that the user must ensure the complete and flawless adhering of the hairline to the scalp without any gaps to present a natural look. This would also require a relatively longer wearing time.

Q.Is the wearing process time-consuming?

A: As I recall, I took around 30 minutes to put on my first Technology Hair System because I had no prior experience, no one to guide me, and I had a perfectionist personality. After one week, I shortened my wearing time to 3 minutes. Now, I only require 3 seconds to put on my hairpiece just before going out. This proved the teacher’s adage of “practice makes perfect”. If you recall your childhood experiences with shoelaces, you probably took a long time in tying your shoelaces, and as you get more experienced, you can even tie your shoelaces while blindfolded. It is that simple.

Q.Will the Technology Hair System fall off under normal usage?

A: Any of the Technology Hair System models are able to handle the usage in daily activities. But if you are considering swimming, diving, rollercoaster rides, or bungee jumping, it is also possible as long as you acquire the correct model. We know because we have tried it personally (Refer to Crazy Lab Challenges). Sometimes, the users ask me, What if someone pulls on my hair system like the encounter of a certain legislator. Will it fall off? I will reply, definitely yes. Just like your trousers will fall off if I pulled hard on it. This is not an act of random violence but more like a deliberate assault. The hair system or the trousers is innocent. But please also calm down and consider that the number of times you would let others have the opportunity to touch your hair, much less grasp your hair. This question is actually like asking the store owner if my trousers will fall off when other pulled on it. So there is no need to worry yourself with paranoia.

Q.Is the price expensive?

A: Indeed, the cost of the Technology Hair System is quite expensive, mainly because it is 100% tailor-made, the wages of the national-level artisans is costly, the materials used are top-quality, and each product takes nearly three months to complete. The production yield is indeed no match for mass produced wigs. But thanks to the exquisite handmade productions, the hair system is able to produce a natural and realistic effect. If you visited the traditional wig salons, you would find that there is only a minor difference in prices. It may even be less expensive than mass produced wigs. In Japan, it is normal for custom hair systems of the same grade to cost around NT$ 100 thousand but the prices in Taiwan are mostly around half that of Japan, and even offers product warranties and satisfaction guarantees. My personal opinion is that since you will be wearing it on your head every day, it is worthwhile to get it even if it is slightly more expensive because your image is priceless. From another perspective, you can consider it as buying branded clothes for daily wearing.

Q.Differences with Traditional Wigs?

A: If you want a super natural-looking, realistic looking hair system or hairpiece that is completely flawless, the only option is to order a custom-made Technology Hair System . The difference is like the difference between traditional glasses and contact lenses. Because only by making a hair system mold based on your head shape, can the resulting hair system offer a perfect fit, and through the expert craftsmanship of the artisans to sew hair that is similar to your own hair color onto the base hair net strand by strand, and finally trimming by experienced designers based on your age and preferences to ensure the resulting hair system present a natural look. Only through these tiresome processes can the hair system reach a state where others cannot tell the difference. This is also why traditional wigs are no match for the Technology Hair System .

Q.Are the peripheral consumables expensive?

A: Many people believe that this product is sold like traditional printers where the peripheral consumables are sold at exorbitant prices. In fact, even though I use it normally, I spend less than NT$ 1500 a year which is much cheaper than buying the cleaning solution for contact lenses. Although Domo Hair is very professional and offers a lot of peripheral options, these choices are optional and should be made according to personal requirements.

Q.Are the videos and photos real footage?

A: Rest assured! Be it the photos or the videos you have seen on our website or on the media, those are 100% authentic footage with no fabrication. Because to me, credit is priceless, it is the important asset of the company, so we will not allow any fabrication or cheating behavior. But due to the convincing nature and authenticity of the effects, it is little wonder that the photos and videos are often mistaken to be false.

Q.Are appearances important?

A: The external appearance is very important, especially the hair which is like the second face for most people. To be frank, most people do not consider inner qualities when perceiving people for the first time. Most people rely on the external appearances of others to form/interpret their first impressions. The 7/38/55 Rule of Communication states that external appearance accounts for 55%, body language accounts for 38% while spoken words only account for 7%. When buying fruits, most people will not ask whether the fruits are sweet. Instead, they will tend to choose fruits that have unblemished appearances. The same goes for courtship. When buying clothes, why do people have to choose and match combinations? Because clothes are not just used for warmth, but more importantly, clothes are used to enhance personal appearances. And the most important clothing is the hair.

Q.Using the Technology Hair System means giving up on treatment?

A: Until today, I have never given up on treating my baldness but the main issue is there is no medication that can guarantee effectiveness without any side-effects. While waiting for miracle cures, we can at least try to remedy the situation by using Domo Hair to restore our original hair volume. Otherwise, as we turn older every day, we will be left with only helplessness and regret in the face of baldness. If a miracle cure for hair regrowth turns up in the future, we can still take off our hair systems and give it a try, so using the hair system is not equivalent of giving up.


Q.Other Brands Offer Cheaper Alternatives?

A: Some people said that, “I have heard other wigs are available at only half the price of Domo Hair. I wonder if it is true.” I think it is true, and there are other wigs available at even lower prices, if you only want a wig without any concern for naturalness, comfortability, professional services, then it would become only a showdown of prices but I would not be able to service these customers. The first rule in commercial markets is that everything is based on the pursuit of profits. Even coffee can be classified as instant 3-in-1 coffee and Starbucks coffee. This is the principal of “you get what you pay”. A higher production cost would lead a higher sale price. The difference in costs of different wigs / hair systems begins from the major difference in raw material costs, not to mention the craftsmanship of artisans, the invaluable experience of hair designers, and the service and logistic support of the headquarters.

Some people do not understand the hair system industry. They think that by creating a beautiful website, uploading some pictures and exaggeration, they can also start a business just by imitating.

But they fail to address the naturalness of the wigs that is the primary concern of the users. How should the mold of the wig be made? How should the wig match the color tone of the hair? Proportionate restoration based on age, angle of the hair crochet, difference in base materials and feasibility? The increase/decrease in hair volume, and joining of hair? There are many companies in the industry that have never put on a wig and yet make many claims as if they also wear it on a daily basis.

On this trip, we joined the industries in Japan to visit the top 3 enterprises in this sector and watched as these enterprises devote their perseverance and attention to the industry, and demonstrated the spirit of working as if their lives depended on the product. It is little wonder that the handmade Technology Hair System made here costs from NT$ 100 thousand to as high as NT$ 200 thousand. It is fortunate that the material prices and costs in Taiwan are not as high as Japan, so we can offer relatively affordable prices but even then, we cannot offer prices below our costs. After searching a few of the wig salons on the internet, I found that their prices were even lower than our costs, so I can hardly imagine the degree of quality they can offer. But sometimes, I will also think that, buying a hair system is just like buying a house. You may think you are fulfilling your dreams, but in reality, you will find yourself in a nightmare after entering it. Frightened and worried? Do not worry, I know your concerns. Domo Hair has the most experience in authentic video footage in Asia, so we can offer pay-when-satisfied guarantees and one year product warranty for most of our products (But this does not mean that our product will become faulty after one year).

Still hesitating? It is okay, there is no rush. Feel free to make comparisons with other companies before coming to MoreFunHouse. Once you have made your decision, we will help you restore your hair volume and re-sculpt your image. The entire team will make every effort to complete their mission as every customer is like my double. For the tailor-made products, even if you are not satisfied, I will not be able to wear it too, which means the salon will incur losses, therefore we have higher standards for satisfaction than you do.

Q.Any hairpiece that may be adhered to the scalp is a Technology Hair System ?

A: A few days ago, a customer arrived at one of our salons in Taipei. He looked very worried as he entered. Even though he does not seem very good at communicating, we can still see his nervousness and frustration from his facial expressions. After chatting for a while, he confessed that he had previously came for an evaluation, made orders, but did not pick up his product. Later, he saw on the internet another company claiming to provide the same Technology Hair System as Domo at less than NT$ 30 thousand per hairpiece. He thought he had saved money because the original hair system he ordered at Domo costs NT$ 38,000. I inquired about his consultation with the previous company. He said that his consultation was in an apartment. Although there are mirror stands, it still felt strange to him. After that, the designer made some measurements and took out a mass-produced plastic casing to make comparisons. The designer then told him that the measurement was completed, and he could pick up the product in 2~3 weeks. I was surprised as the entire process did not involve any custom made molds, so how can it claim to be tailor-made? The customer then continued and said that, during the product delivery, the designer shaved his hair off and applied several layers of adhesive glue on his scalp and on the wig. Although he felt very uncomfortable, he was too shy to respond.

When the designer finished trimming his hair, the customer replied that he felt like crying because it was very awkward, so he asked the designer if the policy of pay-when-satisfied still applies. The designer then replied that, the pay-when-satisfied policy is only applicable within one week of placing order. The problem is, how do you know if you are satisfied or not when you have not even received the product?

The designer then told him that, the wig can be secured on the scalp for 3 weeks after which he should return to the store for cleaning and maintenance which will cost NT$ 1800 per cleaning, thus saving him the hassle.

I asked the customer, “What about the warranty?” The designer told him that there is no warranty. If there are product issues, additional fees may be charged depending on the conditions. The designer also told him that the product life is about 6~8 months.

Having chatted with the customer, I lamented that the ecology of the hair system industry in Taiwan is inadequate. Unscrupulous businessmen seeking to make profits are making use of different tricks and specious claims, and even edited photos to lure unsuspecting customers.

Have they ever thought that by completely adhering the wig to the scalp, how oily and disgusting the scalp might be after three weeks? Even without mentioning the problems of stuffiness and bacteria, just the thought of wearing a pair of socks for one week without changing is disgusting enough. Have the people selling these products really tested their own products?

Be sure to have a thorough understanding of the product before buying. Do not be distracted by petty gains as each cent makes a difference in product quality. Hair systems belong to a professional discipline, unlike some professions that have low thresholds. Being bald myself, I use the hair system on a daily basis and I am working in this industry, so I would not wish that a good product is misunderstood or misused by people which will lead to stagnation in the hair system industry in Taiwan.

Q.Would there be side-effects?

A: Using the hair system does not require surgery, medication, or hair growth methods to restore the original hair volume of the user instantly, so there will be no side-effects. It offers the same freedom of choice just like wearing a hat.

Q.What is the difference with street-sold wigs?

A: Traditional wigs (non-custom made molds) are mass-produced wigs that are unable to accommodate to your head shape, hair color, hair flow direction, hair whorl direction and age factors, so the resulting wig will not be natural-looking and others can easily see that you are wearing a wig. The selection of inappropriate base hair net materials will cause stuffiness and the wig cannot be worn during activities, such as showering, swimming, diving, and bungee jumping. However, the real Technology Hair System (Domo Hair) involves research and designing based on your personal conditions to construct a customized hairpiece that is unique for you, offering authenticity, permeability and there is no need to worry about being identified as a wig user. It is the best product available in the industry today.

Q.How to guarantee the naturalness?

A: We adopt the Consumer Zero Risk Policy – Pay-When-Satisfied. If you are not satisfied, it means our company will incur a loss, so we value the naturalness of the product more than you do. This is also the confidence and self-acknowledgement of our reputation and professional expertise.

Q.How long can a Technology Hair System last?

A:The length of its durability depends on the quality of materials used in the product, wearing methods, usage methods, cleaning and maintenance methods, environment etc. Most users are able to use for 1~2 years. In our seminars, there are also many users who have used their hair systems for more than three years, but there is also a user whose hairpiece was destroyed after 5 months. His maid had put his hair system into the washing machine for cleaning. Although others have used the same product for three years, it does not necessary represent that you can also use it for three years, and vice versa. In countries, such as Europeans countries, US, Japan, and Korea, the average usage for hair systems is about 1~1.5 years before replacement. During the process, most people would maintain at least 2 sets to allow substituting. In addition, if product features are not taken into consideration, then basically the logic of “product life” alone should roughly be, clip-based hairpiece > adhesive-based hairpiece, quality of membrane material > quality of base hair net material (with the exception of ultra-thin membranes), not wearing the hairpiece during showering and sleeping > wearing the hairpiece during showering and sleeping, hair conditioning after shampooing > no conditioning. Excessive removal of adhesives will lead to higher chances of damages to base hair net while frequent attendance at the manufacturer course to absorb hairpiece maintenance knowledge can allow a longer use. Frequent cleaning of the hairpiece can also lead a shorter product life (Cleaning is advised to be kept to once a week.) Of course, there are many factors that may affect the product life, but as long as you take good care of the product and use it correctly, the product life will be longer.

In addition, a special note worth mentioning is that, some inherent objective factors of the products cannot be changed, so the user must use maintenance means to delay the aging symptoms, such as deterioration of hair quality, hair volume, and hair color as the hair will age and fall off with time. But there is no need to worry as Domo provides a one year product warranty for free repairs (Consult your designer for more information.)

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