What should I do if I am going bald?

I encountered this problem when I was only 19. To be frank, I was very worried, so I began seeking medical assistance, resorted to hair growth medication, and inquired about folk prescriptions. The process went on for more than 10 years, leading to incalculable money and time wasted. In the end, it was Domo Hair that offered my hair back, so If you think you are going bald, I suggest you

  1. Visit two professional dermatologists for medical consultation.
  2. Pay attention to your diet and habits. Try to maintain a normal lifestyle.
  3. Do not blindly believe in any folk prescriptions unless they can guarantee its success, otherwise 99% of the time, you will only grow a few strands of thin hair. It is time to accept the harsh reality. There is no hair growth product in the world that can offer guaranteed success. In your quest to restore your abundance of hair volume, you are bound to waste your money on fruitless endeavors. It is just a matter of the amount.

Learning about Domo

When we lose a tooth, we will definitely order dentures or undergo dental implants. The logic behind Domo Hair works similarly like dentures. It is customizable and the molds are made based on the head shape of the individual. Through the comparison of hair qualities, such as hair type, hair color, age, the hair system offers a 1:1 instant restoration of your original hair volume to ensure the hair is flawless and indiscernible by others. Unlike traditional wigs, the hair system is tailor-made because there is no two people in the world with the exact same head style, hair volume, hair color, and hair diameter. Many of the wigs sold on the streets are just like over-the-counter dentures, so how can it offer a perfect match?

In Hollywood movies, the hairstyles of the actors/actresses are tailor-made Technology Hair System s.That is also the origin of the Technology Hair System. However, to tailor-make these custom wigs/hair systems by hand would require the expertise of experiencedartisans. Currently, these artisans are rare like national treasures.

Which should I choose, Technology Hair System or hair transplantation?

    Suitable Users

  • For people seeking instant results, the hair system guarantees 100% success in restoring hair volume without any harm to the body.
  • People tired of wasting money on fruitless dreams of hair regrowth.
  • People have spent money but received only a few t hin hairs for their hair regrowth efforts.
  • People who do not wish to use the obvious wigs sold on the streets

    Unsuitable Users

  • People who still have an outdated perception of wigs.
  • Traditional misconceptions that believe that wigs must be (look) false.
  • People who are stubborn and insist that they will succeed in hair regrowth where others have failed.
  • People who seek perfection and are unable to tolerate any shortcomings in products
  • People who have normal hair volume and want to add more hair.
  • People who have low (own) hair density


The tailor-made hair system, as the name suggests, means that every individual have different order requirements, thus pricing will also be different while the main factors. affecting pricing differences are the following issues:

  1. Area of bald patch, the pricing is calculated per square centimeter.
  2. Ordered model and unit price
  3. Securing Method. Assuming same model, the order of the pricing will be Clips > Front Adhesive & Rear Clip > Adhesives. Generally, the difference in pricing will be around NT$30,000 to NT$50,000, but calculation based on above conditions will prevail.


There are over 10 types of combination of the Technology Hair System. While each model has its own unique features, please keep in mind that only a few features may be available in each model, not all. This means that, Each model has its pros and cons. It depends on what is the feature you prefer most, naturalness, breathability, or durability. For more information, please contact our salons for detailed explanations by our designers.

Product Life

It is hard to say for certain how long the product would last but one thing we can share with you is that in many of the More FunHouse seminars, over 1/3 of our hair system users have used the product for more than three years and more than half of our users have used it for more than two years. The important thing is, while others may be able to use the product for three years, there is no guarantee that you can for it is related to personal factors, such as the model type you chose, your usage habits, method of wearing, cleaning and maintenance. But there is also no need to view the product as fragile. After all, it is a consumable product. In Europe or US, it is common for users to replace their hair systems once a year. Here in Taiwan, our conservative estimate is about two to three years before product replacement.

Securing Method (Pros & Cons) All Adhesives/All Clips/Front Adhesive & Rear Clips

There are three types of securing methods for the Technology Hair System, the clip method, the front adhesive & rear clips method, and the adhesive method. Each securing method has its own advantages and disadvantages, analyzed as follows:

Clip Securing:

4-6 hairpiece clips are sewn into the edges of the hairpiece which can be used to secure the hairpiece on the user's own hair outside the bald patch.

Advantages: Allows ease of wearing, and no trimming of user hair is required. Does not require peripheral consumables.


* This securing method is suitable for people with high hair density or are unwilling to trim their own hair.

Front Adhesive & Rear Clips Securing Method :

In this securing method, securing clips are sewn into the sides and rear of the hairpiece, leaving only the frontal part to be secured by adhesives.

Advantages: This securing method will not damage the user's own hair and even allows the user to brush the forelocks upwards to reveal the hairline.

Disadvantages: Similar to the clip-based method, but if the user wish to expose the hairline, then the hairpiece at the forehead area should be secured using special adhesives to ensure optimal effects. Of course, if the user does not need to reveal the forehead on purpose every day, then the user may choose not to use adhesives or may use simple adhesives instead.

Adhesive-based Securing Method:

Using specialized hairpiece double-sided tapes or latex adhesives to secure the edges of the hairpiece on the scalp, this method is gradually becoming the mainstream as it offers a naturalness and comfortability exceeding any models, and allows the full development of the technology system features.

Advantages: The hairpiece may be worn while showering and swimming, and also resist the typhoons. Even bungee jumping and snorkeling will pose no difficulties. (as proven in the videos) In terms of pricing, the adhesive based model is also lower for the same area and same model, so it is my personal recommendation for securing method.

* However, if the adhesive-based securing method is used, then the hairpiece must be tailor-made to the head shape of the user. The hairpiece mold must be made based on the head shape of the user, or the resulting fitting may not be a perfect match which will lead to risks of the hairpiece falling off. It is also the current challenge of the hair system industry.


*Many people are dubious about the adhesive-based securing method. Allow me to share my years of experience. The adhesives used in the securing are original imported from Europe. In advanced countries, these products are inspected under the same strictness as medical equipment, so there is no need to worry if these products will damage the body or skin or lead to side-effects. If there are any doubts, the user is advised to cut a small strip for testing. It is also the same with the denture adhesives shown in the TV commercials, so you can rest assured.

As for the adhering, 7-8 strips of specialized double-sided tape is secured on the edges of the hair system, and each strip is about 4 centimeters long. Depending on the intensity of the activity, the securing may be further strengthened.

*Wearing Difficulties? 30 Minutes / 3 Minute / 3 Seconds (Please watch wearing videos) I recall that my first experience with the Technology Hair System took me about 30 minutes as I had no prior experience and there was no one to teach me, not to mention my perfectionist personality. After a week, I reduced the wearing time to under 3 minutes, and now I can complete my wearing in just 3 seconds when I need to go out. This proves the teacher' s adage of "Practice makes perfect". If you recall your childhood experiences with shoelaces, initially it would take very long but as one becomes more practiced, it becomes so easy that one can tie shoelaces while blindfolded!

Continuous Wearing

Many hair system users ask me how long the hairpiece can be worn continuously without taking it off. I replied that this depends on the region and the user's body. In Europe and US, many clients take it off once a month, and they wear it for their daily activities, such as showering, swimming, sleeping and working, so there is also a hairpiece adhesive product that allows users a lasting effect of one month.

But in Taiwan, I would strongly advise taking it off before sleeping if conditions allow it, and putting it on before going out. This is the most healthy and comfortable way. But if situations dictate a need for continuous use, I would suggest taking it off within 7 days for cleaning and maintenance. After all, Taiwan is in the subtropical region, and has relative higher temperature and humidity. If the hairpiece is to be worn continuously for 2-4 weeks like in Europe and US, I think it would cause a burden on the hairpiece which is unnecessary.

In the past, I have seen other companies claiming to be technology wigs (In fact, those are over-the-counter products.). They made bold claims in their commercials claiming that their products can be used continuously for two weeks before returning to the store for maintenance. It may seem good but I can guarantee that these companies have never tried on a wig because if the hairpiece is adhered directly to your scalp for two weeks, the hairpiece will not be damaged but your scalp may be damaged. Can you imagine wearing underwear for two weeks, no matter how permeable and thin?

Daily Maintenance

Daily maintenance is simple. Clean the hairpiece about every 7 days on average. There is no need for daily cleaning. (Our company will offer dedicated personnel to teach you the cleaning procedures, so you can rest assured.) Normally, the hairpiece can be placed on the hairpiece rack to prevent distortion. This is similar to good clothes requiring support from clothes hangers to prevent distortion. Every 1~2 months on average, the hairpiece should be sent back to original manufacturer for in-depth cleaning, maintenance and disinfection treatment.

Adhesive Removal & Cleaning

If you chose the adhesive-based method, then there is the possibility that you would need to remove the adhesive. There are specialized adhesive removal agents available, so you can do it yourself at home. Normally, stronger adhesives will also cause more adhesive residue and require more cleaning, for example, water-based adhesives, latex adhesives, and strong adhesive tapes. Unless the situation calls for such a need, otherwise I always recommend my personal favorite, the red adhesive. The red adhesive. provides just the right amount of stickiness, enough to meet the demands of daily. activities, and most importantly, it does not cause any residue, so it can be used for at most one month before requiring adhesive removal.

I stress again that, currently there are over a hundred types of adhesives dedicated to hairpiece securing available, so users can choose the product of their preference based on their needs and body nature.

Satisfaction Guarantee

This is unprecedented in industry and a risk for the Company. But why do we insist until today? We do not want our consumers to think they are wasting their money. Everyone knows that with tailor-made products, if you reject the product, then the product also cannot be used by others, just like dentures. If you reject the product, then it is worthless garbage which means that our salon will incur a loss. If you think back again, it means that if our salon does not want to incur a loss, then our salon must ensure high product quality for consumer satisfaction. However, this rule does not apply to the Platinum series because the costs are too high. Also, the artisan is very proud of his craft. That is why I never recommend the platinum series to clients (although its sewing is acknowledged as the best craft today).

Production Time

This is both the advantage and disadvantage of the product because all production procedures in the Technology Hair System, from the head measurement, mold production, hair color calibration, to sewing of hair flow and dozens of other procedures must be 100% completed by hand by the artisan. It is a time-consuming and exhaustive process that has no room for cutting corners and shoddy work because as we said earlier, this involves the risk of client satisfaction and thus payment. We have strict requirements in place to ensure every procedure by every artisan is completed step-by-step honestly. So users often ask if it is possible to speed up the production process or if the product can be ready within a month. From the perspectives of business management, we also wish to complete the product faster and receive the payment earlier but it is definitely worthwhile to be patient to ensure optimal product quality. We also understand the anxiousness of the clients, so our website offers a product tracking system to allow clients to understand the progress of the production.

Expensive is Better?

There is an old saying, "You get what you pay, you can't get quality products cheaply". But the Technology Hair System proves exception to the rule. In place, we offer the concept of one advantage instead of the other. First, the user should understand what is the issue of most concern? Naturalness? Durability? Permeability? Budget considerations? This is just like buying a car. Do you want to buy a SUV? Sedan? Truck? Sports car? This is also the same with shoes, leather shoes? Cloth shoes? Rain boots? High heels? It depends on the user needs. Of course, the user should understand fully the characteristics of each product before making a decision.