Make reservations for consultation

BE A CONFIDENT YUP PIE AND EXUDE YOUR CHARMWe recommend you call toll-free hotline0800-067-167To allow us to arrange for dedicated designer and VIP rooms to avoid wasting your precious time. You can also visit our salons for free consultation. So you can rest assured.


Understanding your Needs

Here, you can pose worries and questions, including usage methods, product features, choosing of hairstyles and models, to the designers for discussion, to allow the designer to offer their professional opinion based on your requirements.

There are over 10 styles of high-tech wigs, each with its own unique features. Whether you prefer a natural look, breathable design, or durability, our stylists will help you choose the best style to suit your needs and preferences.


Area Measurement and Quotation

Each person's head shape and hair loss area are unique. Our designers will perform an actual measurement of your hair loss area and provide a comprehensive cost estimate based on the base mesh style you choose.


Head Shape Contouring and Molding

We will create a custom head mold by taking a sample of your head shape curvature. After planning your hairline, hair flow, and hair whorl, the mold will be sent to our overseas factory where skilled craftsmen will replicate it 1:1. They will hand-knot the hair to match your natural hair flow and restore your original hair volume.


Hairpiece Arrival Notification

Once your hairpiece arrives, you will be notified to visit our store for collection. You can bring old photos of yourself or pictures of celebrity hairstyles, and our stylist will cut the hairpiece to suit your face shape.


Trimming and Usage Instructions

Our stylist will personally guide you on how to wear, clean, style, and maintain your hairpiece with daily care techniques.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Our payment policy is based on your satisfaction. You only pay if you are satisfied with the hairstyle; otherwise, you get a full refund. We prioritize the natural look of our products even more than you do.

Please note that the Platinum Series is not eligible for this satisfaction guarantee.


After-Sales Service and One-Year Warranty

Our products come with a one-year warranty. We also have a dedicated customer service department to assist you. If you encounter any issues after using our product, please contact us immediately so we can resolve them for you as quickly as possible.