Make reservations for consultation
We recommend you call toll-free hotline 0800-067-167 To allow us to arrange for dedicated designer and VIP rooms to avoid wasting your precious time. You can also visit our salons for free consultation. So you can rest assured.
Understanding your Needs
Here, you can pose worries and questions, including usage methods, product features, choosing of hairstyles and models, to the designers for discussion, to allow the designer to offer their professional opinion based on your requirements.
Model Selection
There are over 10 combinations of Technology Hair System models. Each model features its own unique characteristics, the naturalness model, permeability model, and durability model. Based on your requirements, the designer will assist you in choosing the most appropriate model.
Area Measurement
The designer will conduct measurements and offer quotations. Due to differences in head shape and hair loss area, actual measurements will be conducted for your understanding and evaluation.
Curve Measurement of Head
The designer will make a mold based on the shape of your head, and after planning the hairline position, hair flow direction, hair whorl direction, the mold will be sent to overseas factories for sewing and crafting by artisans. Each strand is clearly sewn into the hair system to ensure a 1:1 restoration of original hair volume.
Trimming on Product Delivery
After the product has arrived, we will notify you to visit our salon for trimming. You can bring along your previous photos, or pictures of celebrity hairstyles to allow our designers to trim your hair based on your face.
Here, we adopt a policy of pay-when-satisfied, so you can decide on the spot if the hairpiece is natural-looking. We value the naturalness of the product as you do. If a tailor-made product is unable to meet user requirements, it will also not be sold to the next consumer. This is where you can see our professionalism.