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Lead the Handsome Trend, Change Your Hairstyle Can Be So Easy!

A-Lung, 26, 3D Game Graphics Designer, Type-U Hair Loss

I recall when I first met A-Lung, he had a simple and generous nature. Before his image reform, he kept his hair messy to cover his hair loss and thinning His appearance made him look older than his actual age more

Save Hair Loss Image! Domo Hair Instantly Restores Your Youth and Changes Your Life!

A-Jie, 27, Catering Industry, Type-U Hair Loss

When A-Jie was in his junior year in college, he began experiencing massive hair loss. As he was a youth, he could only turn to his parents for help. When he arrived at the hospital for treatment, the physicians said that it was a hereditary issue, dashing his hopes to rock bottom. A-Jie firmly believed that it was misery suffering from hair loss. However, taking medication would pose side effects… more

A-Long: “Hair Loss is a problem that even God can’t help. Luckily, there is still MoreFunHouse!”

A-Long / 35 years old / Catering Industry – Type C and Type O Hair Loss

When A-Long noticed his hair growing thinner at about 24-25 years old, he began searching for medical treatment. The doctors expressed that hair loss was hereditary and medication can only slow the loss of hair and at the expense of side-effects,.. more

Jason: The hair system remains indiscernible even when I expose my forehead.

Jason, 26, IT Sector, Type-C and Type-O Hair Loss

Hair loss will affect your confidence! I began experiencing hair loss in my freshman year, and the condition had deteriorated when I was serving military service. After completing my military service, I decided to give Domo Hair a try after learning how good it was on the internet. I think it is quite good and I have already used it for two years since the baldness has spread to the rear of my head. more

Hong: My friends say I look younger by 10 years!

Hong, 56, Service Sector, Type-U Hair Loss

I first noticed hair loss a few years ago. At that time, I did not put it to heart. But I didn’t realize that of a sudden, I looked much older than my friends when we were born in the same year. The loss of hair will make one look older. As my hair becomes lesser every year, and despite my age, I would still look at the hair of others with envy and think how things would be different if I had hair… more

Peter: My first thought was, “I want to participate in the alumni gathering”

Peter, 47, Insurance sector, Type-U Hair Loss

The main reason for changing my mind was due to a colleague, Andy who was a hair system user. After he used the hair system, I was suspicious of him, did he … Maybe due to the high level of convincingness, his successful case allowed me to see the hair system in a different light. I realized then that hair systems can also be very convincing. more

Rick: Small children call me big brother, and it is easier to invite girls on dates. It has solved my hair loss issues directly.

Rick, 31, Service Sector, Type-U Hair Loss

Having spent NT$ 180 thousand on hair transplantation, Rick only received swellings, itchiness and unsightliness after the surgery, making him fearful of going out. There is also a scar at the occipital area. Also, as I continued the hair transplantation, I felt that it was worth it if it can solve my problems forever. But the physician informed me that hair transplantation cannot be conducted on the crown, and grafted hair cannot grow to a long length. My relatives and friends even asked me why my hair remains short after transplantation. Later, I learned about the technology hair system, so I decided to give it a try. I did not expect it to really solve my hair loss issues but it did. more

Sam: I feel younger! Even my relatives and friends are happy for my change!

Sam, 34, Engineer, Type-C and Type-O Hair Loss

Initially, I tried many methods for treating baldness, and evaluated many options, such as rejecting hair transplantation due to the high expenses and rejecting medication due to the harms to health. Finally, I chose to wear a hat when going out. When I first met my girlfriend, I was worried about my appearance. I even took our wedding photos with my hat on. Now, with the technology hair system, I wish to go out more often. As the winds in Hsinchu is quite strong, I was initially worried that the hair system will be blown off by the winds, but having used until now, I have discovered that it is indeed very secure and there is no need to worry. more

Danny: If only I known, I would have used it earlier, instead of enduring for so long!

Danny, 28, Exhibition Sales, Type-C and Type-O Hair Loss

I started encountering hair loss in my freshman year. By junior year, due to hereditary genes and the excessive pressure of my mother’s illness, my hair loss issue had deteriorated. I had basically tried all hair regrowth methods I can find but to no avail. Even the doctors say there is no cure for male pattern baldness. Now I use the technology hair system. At first, my friends being unaware, made fun of my thinking and were unreceptive of the technology hair system. But after I showed them, they were surprised by how natural it looked and commented that it looked as if I had undergone hair transplantation... more

Twins Zhi-Hao and Zhi-Jie: The technology hair system can change a person greatly!

Zhi-Hao, 26, Finance Manager, Hair Thinning and Type-C Hair Loss
Zhi-Jie, 26, Finance Manager

The technology hair system can change a person greatly. Just like the fake eyelashes, increased insoles, and Nu Bra products, these products offer greater confidence. In the past, when we take photos, we will cut off the part of our hair, leaving only the forehead and face. Now... more

Simon: A Complete Solution to Hair Loss! That is what I wanted!

Simon, 33, Engineer, Type-C Hair Loss

Initially, the hairstylist informed me that my hairline was receding. Later, my friends commented that my hair looks the same, with/without styling. I realized I had a hair loss crisis. more

Jack: Now I look younger, livelier and more attractive!

Jack, 35, English Language Teacher, Type-M and Type-O Hair Loss

I first discovered my hair loss issue when I was in my junior year and I began to keep my distance from others, as I was worried about my image. Due to this issue, I also avoided taking photos for the past ten years. I ordered a technology hair system because I wanted to present a good image for my wedding photo, and I have fallen in love with taking photos ever since I used the technology hair system! more

Mark: MoreFunHouse Changes Traditional Perceptions of Wigs to Present Natural, Realistic, and Lifelike Hair Systems!

Mark, 27, IT Sector, Receding Type-M Hair Loss

I love to exercise. The reason Domo Hair attracted me was I can wear the hair system while jogging and exercising. After watching the videos of the CEO on the internet,.. more

Duke: Domo Hair is so realistic that it is just like your hair! Now I am different! I no longer have to be fearful when going out!

Duke, 30, Service Sector, Type-U Hair Loss

After seeing the change, I am very satisfied. Now I look so different from my previous image. In the past few years, I had suffered from hair loss, and the condition had deteriorated two or three years ago... more

Andy: In the past I was often mistaken for the supervisor. Now I look 10 years younger!

Andy, 44, Finance Sector

During college, my friends always believed I will become bald. At work, I was often mistaken as the supervisor. The turning point for deciding on a change of image was when my colleagues called me “baldie” and “bald old man”... more

Zhi-Ching: Domo Hair can remedy hair thinning at the crown and restore the fluff in hair volume to make me look younger!

Zhi-Ching, 30, Service Sector

This is my second Domo Hair product. As the hair volume on the crown is lesser, and hair strand is also thinner, I cannot remedy the issue with a hairdryer... more

Wen-Hao: My second Domo Hair can be worn while exercising and swimming without falling off!

Wen-Hao, 27, Design, Mediterranean Type-U Hair Loss

In the past, due to the preference for heavily flavored foods, and nutritional imbalance, I suffered from hair loss... more

Alan: Wearing the Domo Hair Hair-System Allows Greater Freedom and Easier Maintenance in Attending Functions!

Alan, 43, IT Sector, Mediterranean Type-M and Type-O Hair Loss

There was once I was watching the television when I saw the moment that the CEO of Domo Hair took off his hair system by chance. It had a major influence on me....

Ken: Domo Hair Hair-System can be worn while swimming, and allows dyeing. I am really happy with the change in image!

Ken, 29, Engineer

Since college, I have discovered that the amount of hair loss has increased as I grow older. I previously considered dyeing my hair to change my image but the hair loss condition deteriorated... more

Justin: After using Domo Hair, my overall image and looks have improved, allowing me a boost of confidence!

Justin, 33, Service Sector

Before ordering Domo Hair, I always appeared with a hat. Besides my family members, even my friends were unaware that I had a hair loss issue, but after making the first step, .... more