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Even wearing Domo Hair during bungee jumping is not a problem,
not to mention that the Domo Hair can be fixed securely on your scalp during your daily activities.

Due to different usage conditions for each individual, results may vary from person to person.

Results may vary with usage. (Images are for reference only)

The courageous have nothing to fear!

100 Points for Posture!

During the instant of the vertical free-fall, the world seems different!

The challenge is a success!

Why Attempt such a Crazy Challenge?

When using hair systems, naturalness is only a basic requirement. Secureness is closely connected to the daily activities. The more secure the hair system is, the more the user may relax and suffer lesser restrictions in behavior.

In these years, we have conducted a series of videos on secureness tests, such as playing basketball, swimming, going out in typhoon weather (and the advanced challenge of extended duration under Beaufort scale-13 winds, and centralized wind channel challenge), the water dumping bucket challenge in water amusement parks, increased gravitational acceleration of 5Gs, and the technology hair system has passed all these tests successfully.

Furthermore, to eliminate the skepticism of new users, we have overcome all difficulties and conducted an unprecedented bungee jumping test for our Domo Hair users! We want hair system users suffering from hair loss to know that they have the right to return to their carefree lifestyles of the past.

The improvements in technology are meant to make life more convenient. The technology hair system is just like your own hair! Natural and Unrestrained!

- Challenging Beaufort Scale-13 Typhoons

- Exercising and performing forward somersaults is okay

- Participating in water activities can also be easily achieved

- Taking on the increased challenges of 5G gravitational acceleration!

Why is the technology hair system so formidable?

World Class Securing Technology
Originates from the Simplest Concept: Snug Fit X Close Match

The floating sensation of traditional non-fitting wigs is like tires without grip, which is cause for worries.

Necessity of Snug Fit

Every individual is unique, so the head shape of each individual is different. The technology hair system insists on creating an exclusive mold for each individual customer. Using the “360 Degrees Elastic Plastic Membrane” to take precise measurements of your exclusive head shape dimensions, and premium selection of functional fiber fabrics, exclusive 3D molding instruments and technician calibration are used to produce a base hair net that fits snugly on your head, like a second layer of skin.

Necessity of Close Adhesion

The innovative use of medical adhesive tapes allows the customized technology hair system to fit 100% snugly on the scalp.The zero-gap adhesion can withstand water pressure, wind pressure, and air pressure, allowing your hair system to stay secured without falling off. The medical grade fiber fabric uses exclusive 3D instruments in molding and expert trimming and editing of the fabric to ensure safety, prevent allergies, and without affecting the hair follicles. People with oily scalp and allergies may could also use the product safely.

Traditional wigs not designed to fit the head of the user will not be able to withstand the pressure tests, even with adhesive tape strips.
The adhesive tape strips must be used in combination with the professional remover for easy removal.

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3 Secrets of Unbelievable Naturalness

Zero Discrepancies with Natural Hair

After cutting your natural hair and sending it for analysis at the R&D Center Database, computer analysis is conducted to determine the hair radius, color, elasticity, and tensile strength of your hair based on the cross-section shape of your hair, to offer a premium selection of best matching hair quality.

Zero Discrepancies in Hair Volume

Differences in race will lead to differences in hair volume. The hair distribution at the crown and at the rear of the head of the same person is also different!Inheriting the years of research data in the database of MoreFunHouse hair research center, and taking into consideration the hair volume ratio of the customer, the Technology Hair System can examine the hair density of hair loss patches and hair growth angles. Each strand of hair is manually sewn to ensure a 1:1 ratio restoration of original hair volume.

Zero Discrepancies in Cohesion

The More Fun House R&D Team has travelled to the heart of the world’s precision craftsmanship, Germany to learn the art of the latest hair system technology originally used exclusively by Hollywood. Furthermore, through professional hair styling, designers can provide careful trimming to eliminate the borders between natural hair and hair system to create a unique, brand-new image based on the shape of your face, body size, and style.

Easy Usage


Easy to use and learn. First-time usage requires approximately 10~15 minutes. With practice, the wearing can be completed within 1 minute.


You may wear the hair system during shampooing or remove it for washing, depending on your needs.


Users are generally advised to remove and place hair system on rack to reduce friction in sleep. However, users may also wear the hair system while sleeping to avoid exposing hair loss during business trips.


After wearing it, the hair system is like your own hair, and you can use hairdryers and other styling products to create your own style.

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Client Heartfelt Recommendation – Andrew Zhou

I love to exercise. The reason Domo Hair has attracted me is that I can wear it while jogging or exercising. When I received the hair system, I was pleasantly surprised. The model I wore is a front-adhesive and back-latch model. This is very secure and my original worries of being unnaturalness were dispelled.

It is true that hair systems today are so convincing and natural and I can even apply hair gel, or dye it and perm it. My biggest worry, the hairline also looked very natural. It changed my impression of hair systems! Due to different usage conditions for each individual, results may vary from person to person.(Images are for reference only)

Client Heartfelt Recommendation – Andy

Andy suffered from hair loss since college. Now he was often mistaken as the supervisor by clients. After being teased by his colleagues as “Baldie”, he turned to using a wig. At first, he felt awkward as he was worried that strong winds will blow it off and wearing the wig is very hot and stuffy.

After ordering the Domo Hair – hair system, he no longer worries about strong winds and is no longer troubled by stuffiness. He can even wear it while exercising. Sometimes, he even forgets the presence of the hair system. He is very pleased with the results.
Due to different usage conditions for each individual, results may vary from person to person. (Images are for reference only)

Client Heartfelt Recommendation – Danny

Physicians told me that there was no cure for my hereditary hair loss. Now I use the technology hair system. At first, my friends being unaware, made fun of me for my ideas and were not receptive of the concept.

After I showed them the results of my usage, they were surprised by the naturalness of the hair system. They had thought I had gone for hair transplant. Some friends even thought it was my real hair after touching it as it did not look like a hair system. Also, as I had to work for more than 10 hours, I will feel stuffy with a hat on but with the technology hair system, there is no such issue.
Due to different usage conditions for each individual, results may vary from person to person. (Images are for reference only)

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Exclusive Guarantee Caring for you

As a similar hair loss patient,

the CEO uses Domo Hair Hair System on a daily basis to inspect the hair system personally for users!

Acknowledgement by celebrities,

The ultra-realistic hair system had been invited to countless shows, repeatedly surprising the filming studios.

Quality Assurance

Tailored and customized products and contract agreements to guarantee satisfaction before paying

Client Confidentiality

The stores are equipped with free VIP rooms that may be reserved for your exclusive use.

The One and The Only One in Industry

ISO international quality certification and standardized operating procedures to guarantee safe raw materials for your hair system

Taking the Initiative in Product Inspections

The product has passed SGS safety inspections to ensure the product is free of formaldehyde, heavy metals, and carcinogens to safeguard your health!

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