Stories of Hair system fans

Mr. S, Profession: Service Sector, Age: 25, Hair Loss History: 2 Years

My initial worry was that due to requirements of teaching, I need to address speeches and conduct performances on stages. I always felt that my hairstyle was not stylish enough and had no prominent characteristics. As my relatives had hair loss issues, Type-M forehead baldness, I felt that it was just a matter of time before I need to wear a wig, so I ordered one at the stores.

Being married, my charm was already lessening with one wife and children. One year, when I discovered my hair loss issue, I was devastated, and spent every day worrying about the constant hair loss. I even used hair regrowth medication to see if it can help me restore my former glory. At first, the medication seemed to be working, but as time passes, the effects of the medication began to dwindle. That was before I came to MoreFunHouse. At first, I did not believe that the hair system can be worn while swimming. After I received my hair system, I realized interactions with the opposite gender had improved while interactions with the same gender had similarly improved. The most special experience was that I was once accosted on the road by a man.

Now with the hair system, I feel more stylish, and I can perform better on stage. Even my friends thought that I should have worn it earlier. If I were to go out without wearing the hair system now, I would probably feel naked.

Mr. C, Profession: Teacher, Age: 34, Hair Loss History: 5 Years

Currently, I have used the product for over a year. At first, I ordered Domo Hair because it allows me to wear it while showering and sleeping in addition to solving my Type-M forehead baldness, so I insisted on shaving an area bald for the adhesive securing. Furthermore, due to my profession, I have to work nightshift at times, and I was reluctant to let others find out about my hair system. Also, to avoid insufficient wearing time at night and crooked placement, I always wear the hair system for the whole day.

Before I used Domo Hair, I kept a distance from my female friends due to my external appearances. I met my current girlfriend through the introduction of friends. After being together for over half a year, I still dared not tell her the truth until one day we were both ready to get married. I plucked up my courage and confessed to her. Unexpectedly, my girlfriend burst into tears and was angry with me for not telling her the truth earlier. She was not angry with me for wearing the hair system but for not telling her the truth. She also asked me if I would break up with her after seeing her without makeup. So, our relationship grew closer instead. Now, when I visit the store to trim my hair, my girlfriend would accompany me, allowing us to forge a stronger bond.

Mr. Y, Profession: Freelance, Age: 28, Hair Loss History: 3 Years

When I was serving in military service, I discovered I had a hair loss condition which may be due to the pressure in the military or due to the long-term use of helmets. After completing my military service, I realized my hair did not increase. Originally, I had thought the hair volume will increase after the completion but it did not. It was a blow to my confidence as it would give others the first impression that I was bald. I had to wear hats and dared not court girls. In short, it was the beginning of a tragedy.

Later, due to work, I had the opportunity to pass by MoreFunHouse, and I was instantly attracted by the signboards. It claimed that their hair system can be worn while showering and swimming. I was surprised, and searched for the photos and videos on the internet. And so, every time I pass by the signboard, I was intrigued but due to some reasons, I dared not step into the store. Maybe I was still deceiving myself that my hair will grow back. Until one day I looked into the mirror and realized that the lost hair will never return. I was suddenly reminded of MoreFunHouse and visited the store on an impulse. After some inquiries, I place my order and two weeks later, I was notified by the designer that my hair had arrived. After trimming, I have my own set of “hair”! Why didn’t I call it a hair system? Because it is authentic hair! No flaws can be observed in it!

During trimming, the designer allowed me to choose from some of the celebrity hairstyles. At that time, I was overjoyed as I can finally enjoy a good-looking hairstyle, so I picked my preference and the designer was indeed able to cut my hair as required! It felt so good. After trimming, the designer also instructed me meticulously on the maintenance of the hair.

After that, I immediately took a photo and uploaded to my Facebook which quickly received replies from female friends whom I have not contacted in a while. This has greatly bolstered my confidence. I am grateful to MoreFunHouse for these, as well as for the photos taken by the designer and the CEO. Thank you!

Usage experience can be summarized in one word, comfortable! Now I cannot live without it!

Mr. C, Profession: IT Sector, Age: 40, Hair Loss History: 8 Years

As I had little hair volume and my hair was thin and soft, my hair looked flattened. Before ordering Domo Hair, I always had my haircut at 3mm length but it is still obvious that my hair volume was thinning, so I decided to try out the hair system.

Originally, I had planned to buy wigs from other brands, but seeing that the technology hair system promoted by MoreFunHouse claims to be wearable while showering and swimming, so I chose MoreFunHouse. I have this habit of swimming in the morning, so it would be much more convenient and I need not worry about others finding out that I am using a hair system.

The most important thing is that, because of the hair system, I have been able to find a girlfriend. In the past, before wearing Domo Hair, the girls introduced by friends tend to be older than me, so I did not progress further, but others may also think that since you are bald, you should count yourself lucky to even make their acquaintance, much less being picky. Now, I am no longer troubled by such issues.

Mr. L, Profession: Freelance, Age: 27, Hair Loss History: 4 Years

I had the habit of using wigs in the past. But as the traditional wigs were too phony and insecure, I decided to find if there are better wigs. Under a chance encounter, I learned about MoreFunHouse, and I was intrigued by why the hair system would not fall off. After coming here, I learned about its secret. Having used it for almost a year, no one has yet discovered that I am using a hair system. It is so amazing and natural! Indeed, a person feels more confident when he/she has a crown full of hair. Also, they provide very good service to make your experience a pleasant one!