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A-Jie, 27, Catering Industry, Type-U Hair Loss

When A-Jie was in his junior year in college, he began experiencing massive hair loss. As he was a youth, he could only turn to his parents for help. When he arrived at the hospital for treatment, the physicians said that it was a hereditary issue, dashing his hopes to rock bottom. A-Jie firmly believed that it was misery suffering from hair loss. However, taking medication would pose side effects… This is a form of torture, so he refused medication treatment. As his hair grows thinner daily, A-Jie repeatedly screamed in his mind, “Why me? Why me…?”

The college years should be full of youthful vitality, an age of dreams and adventures. Instead, A-Jie felt inferior due to his hair loss. He was afraid to meet people for fear of the unwanted attention on his hair… For a long time, he refrained from going out and socializing. He often locked himself in his dorm, living his days in solitude and depression… Having experienced the despair of hair loss, A-Jie decided to resort to wigs to change his appearance, and found his motto in life, “Live Your Own Life, Be Yourself”. He found the attitude he wanted to live his life, adjusted his mindset, and faced his hair loss issue positively. Before learning about Domo Hair Technology Hair System, he used traditional wigs in college. However, due to the unnatural hair strands, imperfect fits, and inconvenience of traditional wigs, he always had to take a long time in adjusting the wigs… It was troublesome, stuffy, and he had to worry about the wig falling off, so he had to wear a hat on top of his wig.

After using Domo Hair Technology Hair System, he felt it was natural and light, like his own hair. The previous worries of traditional wigs were no longer a concern~~~ A-Jie can now feel at ease and a sense of security, knowing he can turn/shake his head without the Technology Hair System falling off. More importantly, he can wear the Technology Hair System to try activities he never dared attempt… He can engage in rigorous exercises, such as jogging, workouts, swimming, and bungee jumping.

After interviewing many Domo Hair users, more than 90% have experienced early hair loss due to heredity. Nevertheless, don’t let hair loss undermine your confidence or life. MoreFunHouse has assisted many users in finding a new life. If you have similar hair loss issues, and have attempted many solutions to no avail, You have witnessed their testimonials, so you can trust Domo Hair to assist you overcome your hair loss image!!