A-Long: “Hair Loss is a problem that even God can’t help. Luckily, there is still MoreFunHouse!”

A-Long / 35 years old / Catering Industry – Type C and Type O Hair Loss

When A-Long noticed his hair growing thinner at about 24-25 years old, he began searching for medical treatment. The doctors expressed that hair loss was hereditary and medication can only slow the loss of hair and at the expense of side-effects, so he discontinued the medication after a while.

But his brother continued to take the medication and also underwent hair transplantation with some success. However, the hair transplant uses the hair follicles from the rear, so when there is no more hair at the rear of the head, it will also require deliberate covering which is very troublesome. In addition, the grafted hair will also drop out! So, in the end, his brother also gave up and let nature take its own course.

The reason he came to MoreFunHouse was because his girlfriend saw their activities on the internet and asked him if he wanted to participate. When she showed me the advertisement, I said, “Oh! I saw the MoreFunHouse advertisement before, the one about the almighty God. God said, ‘There is nothing I can do about hereditary problems.’ It left a deep impression.” After signing up, his girlfriend actively helped him to contact the store, so he was very grateful to her.

The main driving force for the success of the change is A-Long’s girlfriend, Han-Han. She helped A-Long read up a lot of materials on wig selection and the reason Han-Han chose More Fun House was that she saw the films of image design conducted by MoreFunHouse for amateurs. As the films are realistic and the hair looks natural after the image reform, especially during the typhoon and wind speed tests, Han-Han was confident that her boyfriend would not have to worry about the embarrassment when the wig falls off during windy and rainy seasons.

After the image reform, we secretly assisted A-Long in giving his girlfriend a surprise! WOW!!!
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