Mark: MoreFunHouse Changes Traditional Perceptions of Wigs to Present Natural, Realistic, and Lifelike Hair Systems!

Mark, 27, IT Sector, Receding Type-M Hair Loss

I love to exercise. The reason Domo Hair attracted me was I can wear the hair system while jogging and exercising. After watching the videos of the CEO on the internet, I resolved to give it a try. In the past, I always wore a hat to match my outfits but it is inconvenient when discussing business or when visiting clients, so when communicating my requirements for hairstyles, I specifically requested a short hairstyle.

After receiving the hair system product, I was surprised. I originally used a model with front adhesives and rear clips which was very secure. At first, I was afraid of the issue of the hair system appearing unnatural but the worry was for naught. The hair system is indeed very realistic and natural and I can even apply hair gel or perm the product for styling. Even the hairline which I was worried about appeared completely natural, changing my previous perceptions of hair systems!

If there are friends suffering from hair loss issues, I will definitely recommend MoreFunHouse!