Domo Hair fan Danny was reported by ETTV News: Create a challenge to performs a forward somersault when wearing Technology Hair System

Before, you might think hairpiece was not firm enough to exercise! However, after Danny experienced the Domo Hair, he was shocked by its fair securing. In addition, he also demonstrated Push-up and forward somersault to show how hairpiece firm on his head.

Chinese Television Service: Baldness’ savior: custom-made Technology Hair System

The newest “Technology Hair System” provides a custom-made mold process to produce your hairpiece. Thus, Domo Hair can fairy secured to your head shape, also able to comb and wash it. Besides, it can just simply style by water!

CTS News: Raw “Hair” Material from South East Asia worth Billions!

Refusing hair procurement from dubious sources, the raw hair material procured by MoreFunHouse has always been selected from the hair of girls from far-flung tribes to produce premium hair systems with international quality certification!

TVBS: Business Secrets on the Head! Hourly Wages of Hair System Secret Testers as High as NT$ 1 Thousand!

While hair gels may be applied to hair systems for styling, the important thing is to make it look natural. Hair system designers can help to customize your own hair system based on your needs to allow greater confidence and style through your hair system!

Wearing Hair System during Water Activities? New Technology Frees Activity Constraints of Hair System Users

In order to test the limits of the new hair system technology, hair system expert Steve leads a group of people using the new technology to Little Liuqiu Island for snorkeling. During the activity, the hair systems of the group members remained firmly secured without falling off, bolstering the confidence of the hair system users in outdoor activities.

Balding Hairstyle Will Affect Your Employment Chances! Improve your Chances before Seeking Employment!

The difference of hair makes a great impact on external appearances. With the customized technology hair system, the people may now regain confidence and achieve better first impressions at job interviews! Career promotion will also be smoother. Consider increasing your hair volume before asking for a raise!

CTi Variety: Even Beaufort Scale-13 Typhoons Cannot Blow Away the Technology Hair System!

The Visual Reasoning Show has invited company CEO, Steve to demonstrate the level of authenticity and secureness of the technology hair system and allow the guests to witness from a close distance. Even the hairline looks so authentic that the host exclaimed that it is too convincing to be a fake hairline!

Next TV: Wind-Resistant Hair Systems Demonstrating Firmness like Own Hair in Typhoons!

Wig users have always been worried about typhoons. In the MoreFunHouse Technology Hair System Typhoon Challenge, the technology hair system remains secured even amidst the instantaneous gusts! Arriving at the Wind Speed Center, the test also challenges the storm-type typhoons and its secureness was also captured on screen!

ETTV News: Technology Hair System Withstands Strong Suction of Vacuum Cleaners

In the MoreFunHouse Technology Hair System Vacuum Cleaner Challenge, the technology hair system remains secured even when pulled by hand, displaying a level of authenticity, secureness, and naturalness just like own hair.

FTV News: Professional Customization and Tailoring of Technology Hair System

Hair system designers possess professional membrane mould mold production technology that allows production of hair system membrane mould mold that can be customized according to user hair direction, hair color, hair swirl, and allow 1:1 restoration of hair volume. In addition, the quality of service provided is also based on empathy to win 95% client satisfaction and the support of hair system users.

TVBS: Wind-Resistant Technology Hair System that can be Worn during Swimming, and allows Revealing of Hairline

MoreFunHouse uses handmade molds to measure dimensions and tailor the customized hair systems according to the head shape and size of the user to create wind-resistant that can be worn during swimming, and allows revealing of hairline.

Open Studio: Rainbow Concert

The team members of girls group, Dream Girls, have dyed their hair in different colors. Besides sharing with them the damages of the hair caused by hair dyeing and perming, Host Ru Hong also presented a cute mushroom hairstyle to complement the vitality of the Dream Girls.

ETTV News: Custom Lifelike Hair Systems Like Your Own Hair!

MoreFunHouse has imported the latest hair system technology from overseas. Using handmade molds for customized measurements and tailoring, and precise measure of hair loss area, the hair system can solve all kinds of hair loss issues.

CTi News: Technology Hair System Popular in Hollywood

Exclusive featuring useable while swimming, wind-resistant, authenticity, and flawless hair systems, the technology was initially created for Hollywood stars. Through the deceptively authentic-looking technology, the hair volume can be completely restored.

Open Studio: Rainbow Concert

MoreFunHouse designed a short hairstyle to complement the uniform and shawl of Host Ru Hong which not only increased the overall aesthetic value but also made it seem as though she has returned to her student years when standing beside Z-Chen.

ETTV News: Technology Hair System Popularity Trend Overseas

Adopting handmade molds for tailoring, the result hair system fits the shape of the head and offers permeability and naturalness and it can be worn while swimming, thus attracting inquiry calls from hair loss sufferers.

TVBS: Lifelike Technology Hair System

MoreFunHouse Indiscernible Hair System uses customized measurements and tailoring, so it cannot be identified even at close range. Unless the user removes it voluntarily, no one will believe it is a hair system.

Open Studio: Rainbow Concert

MoreFunHouse designed a short and neat hairstyle for host Ru Hong, allowing a new look for Ru-Hong who had previously sported long hair. Combined with the use of colored adhesive patches for hair extension, the hairstyle is a complement to the blue and purple hair hairstyle featured in David Tao’s album.

ETTV News: MoreFunHouse Technology Hair System Fast and Stylish

MoreFunHouse offers independent VIP rooms for clients so that many clients will be willing to try the hair systems and instantly improve their hair image.

FTV News: Unmatched Flawlessness of the Custom Tailored Technology Hair System

MoreFunHouse specializes in the custom tailoring of technology hair system, which can be customized according to different head shapes. Through the customizable orders, handmade precise membrane mold, no one can tell that it is a hair system.

Open Studio: Rainbow Concert

Short brown hair creates a sense of youth and allows better modification of face style. The naturally in-curling hair presents a sense of vitality and highlights a relaxed atmosphere. Through the change of hairstyle and thus change of emotions, the hairstyle of Host Ru Hong was received with compliments from the members of Won Fu.

ETTV News: Turn of Fate of the Hair System – Secureness and Pull-Resistant!

A hair system video featuring the collaboration of hair system expert, Steve and senior host, Sheng Chu, and the invitation of Huang Yung-Tien as the hair system saboteur, has attracted public attention and online searching.

TVBS: “Earth Gold Line”

Hair system expert, Steve was invited to the TVBS show, “Earth Gold Line” in which he introduced the technology hair system and the information of the Direct-Sale Stores around Taiwan, and talked about the new trends of the technology hair system.

Gala Television: “Beautiful Life”

MoreFunHouse hair system expert teaches how to find a suitable hairstyle based on self skin color and face shape in 5 simple steps. Even the host has mastered it!

TTV: “Health is Easy”

MoreFunHouse CEO Steve received invitation from TTV quality show, “Health is Easy” to offer on scene instructions as hair system expert.

SET TV: “Help Entertainment”

MoreFunHouse was invited to famous TV show, “Help Entertainment” to offer hairstyling reforms for artists using hair systems in the show.

FTV: “Consumer Experts”

MoreFunHouse accepted the invitation of TV show, “FTV Consumer Experts” in which hair system expert Steve demonstrates how to increase hair volume with partial hair systems!